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Should you subscribe to LiveTV4Ever?

Posted in Uncategorized by psychologywiki on May 29, 2010
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Well the answer is in my point of view: NO don’t!

I personally can not say they are a total scam. When they have a feed (and the emphasis on on the word when) then, yes it is good quality.

But then why my statement that you should not subscribe. Well it is easy.

Firstly, I subscribed to the 6 months feed and it went smooth. Came end of the month, they just simply subtracted more money, and again, and again. After sending 17 messages they responded but refused any reimbursements and just ignored any alternative requests. No response and just no answers. That is Fraud! Nothing but Fraud.

Secondly, If there is a sporting event, don’t count seeing it. Too often the feeds are messed up and in stead of seeing your all important final game, whatever the sport may be, you will be seeing some backyard underrated and totally unrelated sporting event. Imagine tuning in and seeing some fishing event when you were all geared up for a nice fast game of rugby!

Thirdly, feeds just don’t display. And that is so true for feeds for important games. Up to now I never had the previlage to view any important final. Having no option, you will have to watch low quality free stream sites with a bunch of over enthusiastic swearing people clogging up the bandwith with rubbish and swearing chats!

But, you may say, they do have a online support system AND support e-mail. Surely that helps. No ways. They ignore it! I have spend hours waiting for so-called support and have send hunderds (litteraly) messages begging for support and some kind of answer. None is forth-comming and none will be forth comming.

So in short, they seem initially to be a nice bunch of people but don’t expect service nor delivery for what you paid! So, go and pay and enjoy! That is, if you have money to throw away!

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